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THE PROGRAM and the Programmers

Series so far-

The Roxy Horror Picture Show

Monthly unholy terror birthed by One of Us and hosted by the perfect potion of gruesome and glamour, the High Priestess of Sleaze herself…Roxy Midnite! 

One Man's Trash

One of Us Productions presents a new monthly film series hosted by Eric Samaniego & Wright Sulek (Trash in the Can podcast). Connoisseurs in everything cult, schlock, weird, and downright gross, One Man's Trash will dumpster-dive deep into the bowels of cinema and present the very best/worst it has to offer. Come for the trivia, games, and prizes; stay for the "so bad, it's good" flicks! 


Monthly series programmed by the best record store in town, End of an Ear, pairing genre flicks with local bands performing live in the theater!

Second Take

A somewhat regular film series presenting contemporary arthouse and underseen films in partnership with local Austin organizations. Once a Month. Last Wednesdays. 

Coop Presents… 

Series of films, predominantly giallo and Euro Sleaze presented by artist Chris Cooper, AKA Coop. 

Once a Month. Floating Date.

Goremet Cinema Gangs Tenets of Excess…

We show cult, horror, and exploitation cinema of all kinds, from all decades of cinema history and across the globe. We strive to explore this type of cinema - film that explore our deepest and darkest desires of sex and violence all while being wildly inventive - that is in danger of disappearing with the direction the film industry is headed. Once a month. 3rd Thursdays.

Good For Her…

Series of movies about women behaving badly. Once a month.

Bat City Cinema presents

A showcase of 16mm rarities from the Bat City Cinema archive. Once a month. 3rd Saturdays.

KOOP Radio Curated Film Series…

KOOP Radio (Texas Educational Broadcasting Cooperative Inc dba KOOP Radio) presents a series hand picked by the DJs with a focus on Music and its place in our history and culture. Once a month. Last Thursdays of Month.

Blood Shed Theater…

East Side Cinema’s projection gal screens her favorite movies from the days of VHS.

Once a month. Floating Date.

FANGORIA Presents...

A new series from the famed magazine COMING SOON.

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